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About e-counseling (also called tele-health)

Any device


Easy access to services via phone, tablet, or computer with internet connection.

Location of your choice


From home or work, while on vacation or when not feeling well enough to go anyplace.

No commute required


No time spent getting to and from the counseling office.

E-counseling or tele-health (call it what you want!)


What is e-counseling?

E-counseling and tele-health are different names for the same thing: health services provided via the internet.  Services are live, face-to-face services held over the internet instead of in the provider's office or other physical location.

How much does it cost?

55-minute sessions are $125.00; however, your out-of-pocket expense will depend on whether you are self-pay or using insurance..  If you are using insurance to pay, the fee is based on the insurance plan (co-pay and deductible may apply). 

Is it covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans cover e-counseling just like it covers in-office services; however, there may be exceptions in which special permissions may be required.  When in doubt, check with the insurance carrier.

Is it confidential like being in an office?

Confidentiality is protected from my end by the use of a HIPAA compliant portal called  I use a headset to reduce the possibility of someone overhearing what you are saying and situate myself so that no one else can see the screen.  The bigger concern is the confidentiality at your end:  where can you freely talk about personal, family, and work issues without being overheard?  Where will you have the optimum physical comfort?  I observe that quite a few of my e-counseling clients go out to their cars!  Not the  most comfortable in my book, but whatever works for the client is fine with me.

How do I make an appointment?

Generally, my e-counseling hours are the same as my client hours; however, I have more flexibility to meet client needs through e-counseling than at my physical office so please ask if you need special accommodations..


If you have further questions, please contact me at 336-338-2011.